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Olivier Martelly

Producer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

About Olivier Martelly

Olivier Martelly is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and successful music producer.

Graduating from Florida International University with a degree in business management, Olivier has been involved in multiple business ventures and philanthropic projects in his home country of Haiti. In 2007, Martelly founded a music production company, Big O Productions. As the founder and director, Olivier has successfully organized concerts featuring Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Swizz Beatz. Big O Productions specializes in writing and producing a wide variety of musical genres, including zouk, techno, compas, R&B, reggae and dance.

Olivier’s passion for music began at an early age. Born into a musically talented family, Olivier inherited his love and passion for music from his father, Michel. Olivier quickly became obsessed with music and the emotions and positive experiences he could create for others during his concerts. Today, Olivier has expanded his impact by working with other talented artists during the production, concerts, and event management aspects.

Outside of the music industry and working with artists, Olivier is also involved in community projects and is committed to helping others through his philanthropic work. In 2012, Olivier was involved in the Soccer for Change campaign, a project managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, dedicated to building soccer fields to have a positive impact on children. From helping create safe soccer fields for the youth of Haiti, to helping up-and-coming musicians, Olivier enjoys the opportunity to give back and work with others.

Oliver is a devoted husband and father, and enjoys traveling with his family and exploring the outdoors. Many of the same childhood memories that Olivier had growing up, he is able to recreate for his children.

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